Episode 63: Nostrasoozefest

May 22, 2018

This week we learn that Nostradamus is pretty boring... maybe he was an interesting guy to his friends, but we ain't seein' it. And by the looks of it, neither was he. Ol' fake news Nosty just saying things. 


Episode 62: Lost Time, Time Loss, & Time Warps

May 8, 2018

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of the hit podcast: The Hypothetical Institute. And boy oh boy do we have hits for you. We are talking time, tree rings, lost civilization and all sorts of crazy kooky pop culture things. Stay tuned ladies and germs because we promise you will leave here with no socks for we will rock them clean off. 




Episode 61: Elisa Lam & The Smiley Face Killer

April 15, 2018

In this episode, we look at some mysterious water-based deaths which some people say contain more than a trace of conspiracy. Are lazy police letting a monster get away with murder (and vandalism)? Was Elisa Lam a victim of the Illuminati? Was Cliff Richard robbed at Eurovision? Find out with your favourite cooked units.


Episode 60: Behold A Mad Gasser

April 6, 2018

What is a "mad gasser"? An angry driver? An epic party? Or somebody hoonin' around town gassing people in their homes for no apparent resaon. Obviously it's the latter. We take you on a journey to Mattoon, Illinois and tell a story of mass histeria... or was it? Also, Project Orion - that time we research different things but discovered they all have a spooky link.


Episode 59: Doin The Hutcho

April 2, 2018

Hello friends and loyal listeners. Let us take you on a journey through the Age of Horus and what it has to do with Perth. Then, we fly you to Facebook HQ and peak inside Building 8, where your neurons fire at max capacity and you can listen to things WITH YOUR SKIN. Weird


Episode 58: Of Moths And Men

March 23, 2018

This week we look at two spooky things. The first, Lake City Quiet Pills. A mysterious reddit based mystery that was pretty underwhelming if I'm really honest. The second, Mothman, which is awesome because it is a story of a giant moth terrorising a town. 


Episode 57: Dyatlov’s Pass and the Battle of LA

March 15, 2018

In the late 50s, Russia, nine hikers go missing. Later, they are found, DEAD. Avalanche? Pnuemonia? Ergot and mushies? Or something not of this world? We get to the botton of Dyatlov's Pass. We also take a look at the Battle of LA. Was it even a battle or just some hothead artillery men firing themselves into a frenzy?  


Episode 56: Crowley’s Goats and LeVay’s Hopes

March 9, 2018

Who we talking about this week? Only the godfather of satanic gear himself, Aleister Crowley! And we follow that up with his (not really) disciple and author of the Satanic Bible (and sequels) Anton LeVay. Are they really as n n n n n n n nasty as everyone says? Or are they a coupla sweety pies? Tune in to find out. You may not find answers, but you will find a sweet synth solo. EPIC. 


Episode 55: Custard Apples Aren’t Real

March 1, 2018

After we found Jim Morrison's dad was responsible for Vietnam AND the Isreal false flag during the six days war, we just had to know more. Turns out he wasn't really involved, or he didn't pop up at least but we did find that flags are a terrible way to communicate in war time. Also we take a look at Retcon - is it just the Mandala effect? Yeah, kinda. 



Episode 54: Dancing Hippies Gonna Get Drafted

February 22, 2018

This week we look at the Gulf of Tonkin and take you through the four steps of the exploding brain meme. Then we look at the swinging sixties. Were they swinging their way into our minds to stop us protesting the war? Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, The Mama's and the Pappa's, Jared Leto. EVEN JARED LETO. How deep does this go?