Episode 9: David Icke, Ashy Bines, and the Pipsqueak Gang

April 11, 2017

Who really run this? Girls? Lizards? Knights of Malta? George Soros? We follow the marionette up to the hand that guides the strings. What does Conan the Barbarian have to do with it all? And is Ricky still in the Pipsqueaks Too? Who knows? You! After you listen to this week's episode. 


Episode 8: Government Mushrooms and Green Cheese Moons

April 6, 2017

Are they chemtrails or are they just hallucinogen induced freakouts in Europe? What are chemtrails? Are planes the most efficient way of distributing them and what do toilets have to do with it all? So many bloody questions. Also, the moonlanding; fake or real? (obviously real) Find out for sure this week on the Hypothetical Institute.


Episode 7: From Science Club To Breakfast Club

April 3, 2017

This week we take a look at them words. Find out why signing your name could have you tied in knots with the shadow government, and learn what Quantam Grammar is all about. Also, the People's Princess. Who killed her and why?


Episode 6: Secret Panda Business With Tuesday Weld

March 22, 2017

Who would've thought we stumbled into an actual conspiracy when talking about wrestling last week? Well... we did. Also, Cam gives us the low down on his favourite consipracy, Tuesday Weld. It has Manson family, zombie Waylon Jennings, the Beach Boys, Route 66, CIA, LSD and heaps more. 


Episode 5: Illuminati From The Top Rope, Brother

March 15, 2017

Wtf is Vault 7 and what does it mean for your TV. And more importantly, what does Pamela Anderson's salad have to do with it all? Heaps, of course. Macho Man swings by as well, to tell us all about the Illuminati. 


Episode 4: Snowmobiling To Trappist-1

March 7, 2017

Is the Oscar fiasco proof that Freemasons are organising humilation rituals during award shows? Of course they are. Don't be so naive. Then we talk about Trappist-1, is it a trap? What do the Big Bang Theory cast know about it all... as usual, we have you covered. 



Episode 3: Transvestigations at the End of the World

February 28, 2017

We dive into Transvestigations and find out what they have to do with angels in Antarctica. Also, we wonder if the agile structure is why Nazi Ufos have never taken off. Could they still be in the final sprint? Tune in!




Episode 2: New World Order Moves to Canberra

February 21, 2017

This week we wonder why the New World Order would use the Port Arthur massacre as a way to move to Canberra. We also try to work out why on earth(!) the Flat Earth conspiracy is making a mainstream comeback and what that has to do with the NBA. 


Episode 1: Big Bash False Flags & Pizzagate

February 20, 2017

What do Nic Cage, the Big Bash League and golf all have to do with a recent tragedy in Melbourne? Also, wtf is Pizzagate? Don't worry, just relax and let us explain it all, right into your ears.