Episode 43: How To Win Friends & Influence Hippies

November 30, 2017

This week we're talking about Charles Manson and Walt Disney, two men with a lot in common: both entertainers, both a bit racist, both descended from Satanic Illuminati royalty. Are all serial killers part of a cult? Does that serial killer cult also love making sure cute little puppies have a home to go to? There's only one way to find out - plug your noggin into the matrix and groove on a sneaky bit of Hypothepod!


Episode 42: Thunder Kiss Dr60

November 22, 2017

Every heard thunder and thought it was Gabriel's Trumpet? How about when you're shopping at the Preston Market and the Inception BWAAHHHHH plays? What could they be? Well if you own a Panasonic dr60 then you can tune in and ask ghosts to tell you, but please don't summon anything from hell. 2017 is bad enough, what with all those idiots in power!




Episode 41: And It Was All Indigo

November 18, 2017

This week's ep is a little bit late because Robbo had to finish his book (and of course left it to the last minute). Please buy it one year from now.

We're talking semen retention and Indigo Children, two topics that you might think you don't need to know anything about. And you would be right. But you don't want to be caught short if Trump wears a 'No DAPL? I Prefer No FAPL' shirt or something.


Episode 40: November 4th And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Scenario

November 8, 2017

The conspirosphere has been alight for the past few months with talk of November 4th and the antifa revolution. Bit awks - the Department of Defence had only gone and scheduled the EMP blackout of America for the same day. Meanwhile, who else but God Almighty had booked in The Rapture for the same weekend? We discuss this unfortunate confluence of events, as well as some updates on past topics.


Episode 39: Might As Well Be Staring At The Sun

November 1, 2017

This week we're taking a look at that classic piece of conspiracy accoutrement, the tinfoil hat. And should you stare directly into the sun in order to gain its mighty powers? NO OF COURSE NOT. Everyone knows the only way to gain the power of the sun is to sup of its blood.


Episode 38: Texas Is The Reason

October 31, 2017

The JFK Files dropped on Friday and we have been getting into them. Here's a quick mini-sode wherein we discuss which files are capturing the imagination of the conspirosphere.


Episode 37: Sandy Hook To Vegas

October 25, 2017

This week we talk mass shootings and what compels the conspiracies behind them. It's not super fun talking about these kinds of things but here we are, talking about them. It's a good episode and we get to the bottom of some garbage theories espoused by garbage people. 


Episode 36: Cuban Sound Beams And Pop Punk Day Dreams

October 18, 2017

Salty and Robbo return from the great lands of Europe. What did they find? Tales of Cuba and Blink 182! This week there are sonic weapons, CIA funded social media, and a pop punk icon decides to go to space via reality TV. Love it, love us, love conspiracies. 


Episode 35: Spots & Shots!

October 12, 2017

This week on #Hypothepod, Robbo, Salty & Cam dive down the needle hole of vaccines. Why did everyone in the West stop getting their jabs? (bad reasons) Why did everyone in Pakistan stop getting theirs? (fair enough reasons?) Who was Andrew Wakefield, and were his autism warnings just a cover for the truth about your shots: that they're getting you ready to be a Terminator?


Episode 34: What Else Do I Have To Say?

October 4, 2017

Folks, it's time to tackle the big one. John Effin Kennedy. What was the magic bullet? What shadowy forces were moving against ol' smilin' Jack? Which President did JFK become after he got murked? And how did he do it with his bloody brain missing from the Archives?