Episode 18: Holt Me Closer Navy Diver

June 14, 2017

Prime Ministers been whisked away at night by navy divers, CIA murdering the Great Totara, and putting butts into forcefields generated by Ally Einy and Ol' Tesla. And find out what our Youtube friends are up to with the Google. Spoiler: Misunderstanding basic things. 


Episode 17: Just Hang In There Baby

June 7, 2017

This week we find out how dark it gets in Gippsland. Spoiler: Pretty bloody dark! And you know what happens when it gets dark? All sorts of cryptid animals come out and rustle around, kidnapping and eating cows and all sorts of other stuff. Plus we drop a bombshell about our favourite Youtuber. GET READY!


Episode 16: The Good Life

May 31, 2017

Early on in this episode, Cam says "why aren't we doing Rasputin?" and he's probably right. Instead we talk about the Russia/Trump thing, and the murder of Seth Rich. But don't worry, there is a sweet killer octopus and we hear of Kim Dotcom's fraudelent destiny play. 


Episode 15: Taukiri! Plasma Ball To The Neck!

May 24, 2017

This week we try work out what the dickens HAARP is all about. Radio waves, weather control, mind control and more. And of course the illuminati is behind it all. And how about the first people to land in Australia and NZ? Were they white? Nah, they weren't. Some racists want you to think that though. Find out why. 


Episode 14: Paradise Ranch Fireworks Display

May 17, 2017

Canberra is an occult... something. We never really got to the bottom of it. Pretty boring place, even in conspiracy. And Area 51... turns out it's ages away from Roswell. Like, inconveniently so. Why would they ship a bloody grey all that bloody way? We never really get to the bottom of that either to be honest. Whatevs. Tune in. 


Episode 13: Alex Jones And Another Great Title From Robbo

May 10, 2017

This week we swim in the watery waters of Alex Jones. With eye's like a puppy and the physique of an adonis, could he really be Bill Hicks and Beau Bridges morphed into one perfect human specimen? Is he even human? Is this just another of Ted Turner's classic pranks? 


Episode 12: The Conundrum Foundation’s Communist Toast Strategy

May 3, 2017

Ever read the Berenstein Bears? How about the BerenSTAIN Bears!? If that blew your mind, tune in to learn more about the smushing of mulitverses that's warping our reality. Also what the fudge is a Posadist and why are there so many memes about it? Plus some dank bud knowledge on the low key. 


Episode 11: Pac’s Pinging Pineal Gland

April 26, 2017

They are putting things in our water, but not even fluroide could keep 2Pac's pineal gland from pinging off the charts. Find out how that all ties in to Salty and Cam battling to be the whitest dude on the podcast. It's a classic FroYo vs Mad Mag showdown. BLAT BLAT BLAT. 


Episode 10: Faxes From Raptor Jesus

April 19, 2017

We dive into Dilbert and his connection to Syria, the White Helmet's and the Russians. Then we unpack Jesus' death? Did he die? Did he move to Japan to start a garlic farm, is he secretly a space lizard? You will find out the answers to this and... well not much else. And you probably won't find the answers. EXPECT LOLS THOUGH


Episode 9: David Icke, Ashy Bines, and the Pipsqueak Gang

April 11, 2017

Who really run this? Girls? Lizards? Knights of Malta? George Soros? We follow the marionette up to the hand that guides the strings. What does Conan the Barbarian have to do with it all? And is Ricky still in the Pipsqueaks Too? Who knows? You! After you listen to this week's episode.